Galapagos Tortoise Sightings

Let’s start off this posting with the required answer that many people is asking: did I go running in the Galapagos?

Of course I did! The unofficial Galapagos Beach 5K.

The El Progreso area of San Cristobal is a very scenic and relaxing area to visit, sight see and have a cocktail during sundown.

The local towns in Galapagos are very friendly to visit and stroll around. Just make sure to pack a light rain jacket as the summer months can frequently drizzle and light rain.

Earlier in day we pulled into San Cristobal port and got stopped by customs who thought we were smuggling XBox consoles for the local fire ant colonies.

Since the fire ants are so damaging and attack the young turtles, they are off limits for arriving guests. Be careful, they bite when they lose their Xbox FPS games.

and also do not let them convince you that the local apples are yummy as an afternoon snack. To humans, they are poisonous and you will be very sorry tomorrow.

Our true mission was to find some giant tortoises.

They are not very active, but they are amazing to see in person. But if you are patient and have a sharp eye, you can find many in the conservatory.

Here is a 100 year old turtle in Santa Cruz

Here are two males fighting like old American boxers. The highest neck is the winner.

Did you know you can also swim/dive/snorkle with the turtles as well?

The young turtles are raised and protected for 5 years before being released in the wild. This one is only a year old.

And this XBox gaming clan are reaching their age to attend their first gaming convention and live eSports competition next year.

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