No Restrictions Travel?

Right after my recent international trip with significant restrictions, vaccination checks, PCR tests, rapid COVID tests, documentation, forms and mandatory masks…

the world changed and no more restrictions in less than 2 weeks.

Photo by Anna Shvets

Is it worthwhile to wear masks at all? CNN had a good article on the subject and I decided I was going to still wear a mask to stay as safe as possible in the crowded airport, lines and during my flight.


  • Ride share driver pickup for early morning transit to airport. No mask.
  • Seattle airport: it appears that around 20% of the people wore a mask including 20% of TSA agents. I felt comfortable wearing a mask and not being called out as a weirdo.

The Delta Skymiles lounge at 4:30 AM? Almost nobody wearing a mask. But at the same time, there are almost no people awake and in the lounge, so who needs a mask? 😉

When I arrived in the boarding area, it appeared that only 10% of the people were wearing a mask or planning to wear a mask on the flight.

When boarded, an interesting statistic I quickly calculated that 65% of the people in first class and Delta Comfort wore masks and most people in Coach did not choose to wear a mask. Only ONE attendant or pilots wore masks.

I do not know if this counts, but I will share a different restriction. If you do not sit in the front of the cabin in the first few rows, you will have no chance at the warm breakfast option. But…I have to admit this “picnic” plate was quite tasty and not a letdown!

Comparing the Seattle airport and airplane mask wearing to the Atlanta airport and airplane mask wearing, I would estimate 50% more people in Atlanta wear masks on the airplane. Why the difference? I think it would take Einstein to answer that one.

Another confusing ironic state at the hotel in Maryland. Nobody in the hotel is wearing masks, but at the same time they are not offering housekeeping services due to the risk of infection. Explain that algorithm to me!

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