January 2021 Travel Planning Update

Good afternoon everyone:

I thought a quick vodcast (video blog) would be good today to provide some perspectives on travel in 2021.

Travel all appears to be hinging on vaccinations for people and countries

  • In the US, they are going a little slow (WSJ article)
  • Israel is leading the way (WSJ article)
    • But what does that mean for travelers?

WA state (where I live) now has published their vaccine schedule.  That is great for me as I ma next on the list, but my wife and other family members will be much later in the year.  That will not travel planning very easy…


It is unrelated, but I thought it was interesting that all the major airlines in the United States have no banned “service animals” on their flights: Delta, Alaska, United and America

My recommendations:


  • Keep your status updated with airlines and hotels



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1 Response to January 2021 Travel Planning Update

  1. Wilca Gallagher says:

    Have you been to Sun Valley, Idaho? Worth going for snow shoeing?

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