An Amazing Restaurant In Historical Fes Medina

Last night, we were fortunate to somehow get a reservation and into the Dar Roumana home and restaurant.


Wow.  Breathtaking.  Amazing.


If you arrive a few minutes early, you are welcomed to site in the side parlor (alcove) with comfortable historic chairs and lounges next to a wood based fire in the fireplace. Here you can enjoy a drink or some fresh local almonds and pistachios before your meal.


Did you know that they grow and produce wine in Morocco? The flavors and aromas were amazing. Not too expensive and full of rich fruit flavors.

There is no way you can find it without help, but that is where Vanessa the manager makes arrangements to have a porter meet you and guide you from an entrance to the Medina where you take a complex path of twists and turns to its hidden and esoteric location.

There is only 5 tables, but Vanessa’s husband, the French chef makes the 3 course meal a delight. The hummus and beet salads sparked your appetite for entrees to die for. The fresh vegetables were a delight. The lamb melted in your mouth like it was butter. The banana fritters with a caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream were a treat like no other.


And all the time, you are gazing and enjoying the intricate historic details of the home. You don’t want to leave and you feel so special to have secured a reservation at this amazing restaurant.

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