AMG Driving Academy

I thought it was time to write a different post on a great travel experience I had a few years ago…when I was able to attend my second AMG Driving Academy session.

This one was hosted at the LAGUNA SECA RACEWAY in California.  It is not close to a major airport, but you can fly into San Francisco or San Jose and drive down to the site.  I do recommend that you do not stay in a hotel too far away as you will be EXHAUSTED at the end of the training and you will not want to drive far after you have finished.  The highlight and fun starts right when you arrive early in the morning.  The cars are lined up and being fully prepped for a hard core track day!

You will be supplied with all the gear you need including helmet, etc.  You will get a fire resistant and comfortable helmet hood that you get to keep.  I do recommend cool clothing as the weather and cars can get quite warm at high speeds…and of course driving sunglasses is highly recommended.

After about an hour of briefing, course walkthrough, race car instructors, breakfast and meeting with the AMG executives, you on the course and driving hard!

Everything from slalom agility, to slippery skid course, drag race competition, drifting around a roundabout at high speed and of course high speed track runs!

And you will get to drive every car in the lineup in various scenarios and training throughout the day. CLA45, C63, CLK55, E63, CLS63 and the famous SLS.

The SLS was a major highlight and truly a track race car.  It is amazing on what this car is capable of performing and you truly feel like a Nascar race car driver just like your instructors!

You cannot take pictures or take your phone in a car, but you do get to record a video on one of the track runs which provides a great demonstration on how well the AMG cars perform on the track, the G-forces that are generated on the curves and how much fun it is to actually own one of these cars after seeing their capabilities first person on a professional race track!

There are no more scheduled sessions in 2020, but we are hopeful for 2021.  You can always check back on my regularly posting on when you can travel again due to COVID-19.

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