Hutong District of Beijing

We had a chance to walk through the Hutong district of Beijing and check out the culture and way of life.

One of them is very close to Lake Beijing which is almost like a NYC Central Park Lake but with lots of boats paddling people around.


We had a chance to walk through some of the narrow alleys and learn how some long running family generations have lived in shared courtyards.

I don’t know if you have noticed yet… but there are cameras EVERYWHERE in China.  Every store, every street, every home.  You can be followed and tracked in minutes.

It was shocking to hear and see how some families have Internet and wireless, but at the same time, many families can share a common kitchen, common bathrooms and common showers!

Tonight, we decided to end the day by walking down to another mall and squeezing our way into the famous Da Dong restaurant to savor their famous Peking duck delicacy.

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