Imperial War Museum in London

I continued my tradition of taking a more adventurous lunch break when working and travelling for business in London.

Of course, I kicked off the foggy/soggy day In London with a run around the parks.

From the hotels in the Piccadilly Circus area, Hyde Park provides a great 10K route for everyone.

Just do not get distracted by all the fancy cars travelling to visit the royalty in the nearby palaces. For some reason, there are lots of chauffeured Rolls Royce in this area…

OK – back to main topic.  The Imperial War Museum.  Here is the most amazing thing:  it is completely FREE entrance!

I have to admit this is one of the best modern military war museums I have seen in years…maybe second only to the Russian Artillery museum in St. Petersburg.

It has an amazing collection of many different artifacts from WWII to Afghanistan including actual V1 and V2 rockets from WWII.

I found yet another complete Enigma device.  Apparently there are two in London!

Now, lets talk about the cold war.  I was really surprised to see a collection of retired nuclear missiles and bombs in the British army on display here in the museum.  This was a fascinating, now declassified submarine Polaris missile warhead wrapper that shows the various deception and evasion components in the ICBM warhead reentry vehicle.

This particular piece was captured from Berlin and I was surprised to see one of these monuments still remaining and not destroyed after the war.  The museum also had one of the best Holocaust exhibits, history and stories that I have ever seen outside of visiting museums and Auschwitz in Poland.  You cannot take pictures for good reason inside this exhibit.



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