The Cuban Revolution

As I explored the country, there was definitely a theme in many of the museums and national monuments.

I did stop by the national museum where you can find most of Fidel Castro’s vehicles, boats, and other historical items in downtown Havana.

I was tempted to take a selfie with Fidel’s tank he rode/drove in the revolution, but I decided I should not promote such events.  It was cool to see his actual tank, boat, jeeps, etc. that have shown in all the historical pictures.

Next, lets talk about the rebels which Fidel united. Going back to yesterday’s blog posting about the cave hiking…the location is not famous for the large caves, it is also famous that is where the rebels hid out in the mountains during the revolution.

For only 1 peso, you can get a 15 minute history of how all the rebels united together and hid out and planned there revolution in these actual caves.  Quite a hike for them to go back and forth into them for their headquarters I would admit…

Now going back to Havana…Che is quite the hero in Cuba (outside of Fidel) and he appears everywhere.  This is the Cuban FBI building.  No, I was not arrested…

But you can see his first house that sits on top of the fort that overlooks the bay and city.  I will try to get the picture uploaded later.  For some reason the Internet is slow in Cuba 😉

You can see some of his original gear, photos, backpacks and personal machine guns.

The fort has some great views of the sunset in the evenings.

And there is a ceremony every night commemorating the Independence from Spain.

It is called the cannon firing and at 9 PM every night, the local soldiers fire the cannon to celebrate the independence.  It happens every day at 9 PM, 365 days a year.  Quite popular with tourists and locals.  You can watch the video here thanks to your world reporter!

(if you scroll to the last 15 seconds, you can see and hear the big boom)


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