Hiking in Cuba

There are not many places you can actually hike or climb in Cuba, but one area you can explore is the Vinales Valley.

This is a nice panoramic view looking over the valley and the national park area.

I found the San Tomas caves which are the second largest in both North and South America.  They are about a 150M climb up the steep rocks to the entrance near the top if you look close.

The caves are not easy to navigate and you have to be very patient and careful as the rocks are slippery with all the moisture and with 90 degrees of heat and 100 percent humidity…you need to be prepared for slips, hydration and cutting yourself on the sharp stalagmites.

However, this are awesome caves to hike, explore and take a fair amount of time examining.  Since it is 3+ hours away from Havana, you don’t run into many tourists here 🙂

There are so many things to see here, I cannot post all the pictures…spiders,. frogs, bats and birds.  If you ever want an active hike, check out these caves!


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