Longyearbyen Norway

Longyearbyen Norway is a very remote and interesting place to visit.

It is the last stop for Arctic expeditions to fly into and land before heading north.

It is where the global seed vault exists/is stored and even where GitHub stores its source code repository.

In summer months, you do not see the snow, but you can hike up to the vault area if you like.  It is basically using the old mines that were established here many years ago.

You do have to be careful of polar bears.  They are not friendly and are very dangerous.  Check out some of my subsequent posts on this topic.

Overall, it is a great place to explore if you can fly north from Oslo and spend a day exploring.  In this case, we are joining an expedition for the next 2 weeks.

The next step is to board the ship and explore further north.  Leaving the satellite coverage area of the Arctic Circle for a few days. The satellites do not cover the entire planet! 🤕

Be patient as the next few blog posts will be delayed because we are that far north 😬

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