Whales and You

We wanted to mostly relax and unwind this week in Hawaii, but after a day or two, you can resist exploring a little.

We decided to take a short and inexpensive venture for the morning and see if we might be able to do a little whale watching, We chose Whales and You which proved a good choice. They were a very fun and enthusiastic crew. We actually encountered some dolphins very early into the start and it was fun to hear the dolphins communicating under water with the deployed hydrophone picking up their sounds.

The good: we saw a lot of whales. All humpbacks and we might have seen 7-8 in total and maybe 1 baby whale once or twice.

The bad: they are quite distant and hard to capture photos unless your camera is turned and video recording the whole time. The boat does not get close to the whales and they are very protective of the natural wildlife.

The crew made everyone laugh and relax with various snacks and drinks at the end and even a local hulu dance to end the fun morning.

From there, once a great way to have a great lunch after the swells and waves? Check out the Hard Rock Cafe. It was hard to get into…not because it was crowded and full, it was the only have one (1) waitress available which limits how many people can be served.

For some reason, I always delight in visiting Hard Rock Cafe’s around the world, This visit has been far from the first. Sone of the most memorable:

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2 Responses to Whales and You

  1. Laurent Gil says:

    Thank you David for a great shot of happiness during the holidays!

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