Leaving Dublin Ireland

We did get to visit the Trinity college in Dublin and check out the book of Kells and the library.

The library was simply impressive.  I felt like I was actually in a movie – like the historical Jedi library where only the elite can visit.

We had a nice evening in Dublin after the half Marathon and checked out some the local pubs along the river. The pub atmosphere is definitely different in Ireland and it is fun going into one before dinner for a quick pint. Lots of walking bridges capturing the attention of people with cameras.

We had a fantastic dinner at a restaurant called “the Winding Stair”.  It has only about 10 tables, and the food and wine selection is fantastic. Highly recommended and reservations are critical if you want to try it out. Hint: it actually used to be a bookstore and you get a discount after dining 😉

The next morning, we headed south I think to Glendalough to see the countryside and old monasteries and churches from St. Kevin’s timeframe.

Very scenic. 

Apparently, Daniel Day Lewis lives here…but we did not run into him when we went to the local coffee shop.  Maybe another day…

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