Last Night in Nepal

Before we left, we had a nice diner in Nepal at Krishnarpan at the Dwarkika’s hotel so I took a few pics with my Windows Phone 8 (Lumia 920) 🙂


It was a gorgeous hotel with numerous fountains, sculptures and 15th century architecture.  I wonder if this place used to be a temple…


It was fortunate this hotel, like our hotel had full electrical power in the evenings.  Large portion of Nepal, like India only have electricity 8-10 hours a day.  After that, they must use batteries and generators.   Driving through the streets at night is a little eerie as you see candles, a lot of darkness, some portable generators…a different way of life compared to the western world.


Our hotel, the Soaltee Crowne Plaza was quite unique as it housed many diplomats from many countries as well as hosted a Casino that only foreigners can visit.


I played some baccarat like James Bond which resulted in winnings to pay for a nice dinner 🙂

Back to the nice dinner at Krishnarpan…


It was an amazing 9 course meal with private menus that was complemented with the local rice wine called “raksi” (moonshine).


We of course shared food with the gods first following local tradition.

Quite a treat and food flavors.  It was hard to make it through all 9 courses.

Great way to end a few days in Nepal.

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