The Exotic Temples of Khajuraho India

Today, in Khajuraho, we visited the famous western and eastern temples in this remote area in central India. If the area was full of jungles, I would have thought we were in Cambodia.  The structures and detail was amazing.


These Hindu temples were very detailed and ornate.  The designs and details were so unique and different around each of the temples.


They told a number of stories, fables and lessons learned…this is where the Kama Sutra came from…I will let your imagination run wild…


Some of the temples are still used today…many of these were built more than a thousand years ago by Chandela kings.


We took notice and photographed some different birds we had not seen previously in India.


I think this was a hornbill.


I think these were some owls that we saw in the middle of the day.


I remained motivated to save money, so I took a job sweeping to make some extra tip money 😉

The rest of the day was spent trying to fly out of Khajuraho and going north.  The hassle and challenges of the regional airport were no joke…The security goes overboard over the smallest if things in your carry on luggage…and at the same time, nobody knows when your plane will come in for you to board your flight…ahhh vacation…

IMG_2867  IMG_2868

I made friends with a local para-military security guard and shared some war stories to help us avoid any serious problems if they occurred 🙂

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3 Responses to The Exotic Temples of Khajuraho India

  1. Wendy14 says:

    The architecture looks truly amazing. I am doing this tour at the end of March and it is good to know some of these things before we go. I am reading your blog everyday. Thankyou

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