Advice for Traveling Entrepreneurs on Staying Healthy

There’s no getting around it. Ambitious businesspersons must eventually leave the comfort of their offices. Doing so is necessary to meet partners face-to-face and conduct on-site investigations. Staying healthy is always a challenge, yet it remains even tougher when on the go. The following tips can help anyone stay in top condition while conducting business activities away from headquarters.

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Eating Well

According to travel experts, 52% of travelers dine out ten or more times per week. Restaurants like to give customers oversized portions. Their recipes focus on taste rather than dietary excellence. Simple choices mitigate this obstacle. Avoid deep-fried goodies, opting instead for salads. Order appetizers instead of entrees, which are easier on both waistlines and wallets. For dessert, grab a fruit-centric treat. Many hotels offer kitchenettes. If you have time for cooking, this path allows maximum control over ingredients and calories.

Staying Hydrated

Drinking water is vital to maintaining good health. Hydration regulates body temperature, staves off infections, and allows organs to function. Carrying a thermos is the most basic hydration strategy. There are other tactics for absorbing enough fluids. One is starting your day with a bowl of oatmeal and a glass of milk. Another is taking an oral hydration solution. These supplements are great for eliminating hangovers and speeding up exercise recovery.

Keeping Active

Getting in workouts away from home can be tricky. That said, it’s always possible. Before booking accommodations, find out if there’s a gym. If no formal exercise space is available, there are other methods of getting the blood pumping. Walk to meetings instead of taking cabs. Choose stairs instead of elevators. Many aerobic routines require zero equipment. Design an on-the-road workout plan before leaving home for efficiency’s sake.

Being Safe

Jogging in unfamiliar areas puts you at greater risk of assault. Avoid running alone, especially at night.

It’s similarly wise to have a partner when prowling the streets, even during the daytime. Limit the amount of cash you carry to only what you need. Navigate discretely, and make efforts to blend in with crowds.

Safety in hotel rooms is a further consideration. When checking in, request the second level or higher, as ground floors are more often the targets of thieves. Secure the deadbolt at night. Before leaving each morning, keep your luggage locked and tucked away. Review escape passages in case there’s a fire.

Bringing Companions

Having a piece of home with oneself enhances mental well-being. A photo or memento may deliver necessary peace of mind. Taking a dog along tends to be a more powerful comfort. The benefits of animal companionship are well-documented. Plus, needing to take your four-legged friend for walks forces you into moving. This scenario is perfect for freelancers and solopreneurs.

Journeys with tail-waggers require forethought. The right animal travel products are essential to keeping fur babies happy. Shop for portable bowls, a doggy travel first aid kit, and calming treats. Before buying anything, it’s best to read online product reviews. Choose unbiased sources for superior information.

Seeking Wisdom

These are only a few suggestions on how businesspersons can be health-conscious while on the road. Some businesspeople, such as David Cross, regularly share their travel experiences in blogs. Read his stories along with those of other entrepreneurs. These tales are bound to provide valuable insights.

Staying healthy and safe while being a traveler is a common struggle. That said, remaining in shape is easier with the right approach.

Image via Pexels

Catherine Workman always wanted to see the world. As soon as she was old enough to travel on her own, she began taking trips to new destinations, far and wide. She created Wellness Voyager with some of her travel mates as a place to chronicle her adventures and inspire others to leave their comfort zones and embrace all the world has to offer.

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