The Equator

Today, we headed a little north of Quito Ecuador to go visit a local Indigenous tribe/culture/history museum and actually check in at the Equator of the Earth!

Don’t go to the Middle of the Earth tourist trap:

Check out the better authentic Intiñan Musuem which is low cost and better quality :

They had some pretty cool exhibits, statues and history to share. Very similar to Peru (IMHO).

I did not take many pics of the various, huts, tools and totems, but this one caught my attention. It was an actual tomb with a remaining corpse that had been buried hundreds of years ago?

Here was the other shocker : the local tribe shrinks and wears shrunken heads as amulets. They even had real ones on display!

It was pretty cool to actually stand at the equator and be at the official center of the planet of the earth.

It was a pretty popular spot for many tourists to check out. Even some of the local hummingbirds stopped and checked it out!

In closing, we took a break for a late lunch at the Santana brewing company. A popular spot for both locals and tourists. I am not sure the beer scene is as strong as the Seattle area, but I must admit that Ecuadorian wine if just as good as its Chilean and Argentinian neighbors!

Guess what is next? We are headed to the Galapagos! Check out that adventure posting!

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