The Galapagos

Day 1 of exploring the Galapagos

Our first day started with boarding a medium sized ship named La Pinta. I will do a ship review at the end of the trip.

The waters are very blue and quite clear.

We had to take Zodiacs to reach the ship with not only our carry on bags, but also large suitcases. Everything worked out fortunately.

Most of our planned days are a combination of dry and wet landings. Dry is you are close to one natural dock or rocks and wet landings are based on a beach landing where water shoes are best used.

In the first morning, we took a hike around one of the islands.

Two major sightings this day, one is the giant iguanas which are pretty impressive.

The second are all the sea lions. Just wait, there will be many more pictures and videos coming as I good better Internet connectivity which is very limited in the islands.

The third is the various bird species. This one was nesting and many were found covering their eggs. They are the swallow tailed gulls. Here is a good guide.

This married couple put on quite a scene as one was jumping up and down on the other. We told them to get a room!

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