Exploring Quito – Day 2

I do not know how, but we got very lucky in avoiding the dry season thunderstorms threatening the area this week.

We enjoyed exploring a little more of the history of Quito which has a very strong Spanish Catholic influence in its religious history. It almost felt like you were in Rome when visiting the inside of some of the Basicalas.

When exploring on vacation and find one of these wide open to explore… Tempted or not? 😉

Despite all the street walking, there are always public toilets. They may be a little cramped for some people though…

Similar to other countries in South America, the fruit here is amazing. So fresh and has such stronger flavors. It is almost tempting to buy a bag of apples or oranges for only $1

It is also a very important part of this countries economy and daily life.

Quito is smack in the middle of the Andes mountains and has a base elevation of 9,000 feet and many hiking trails and places to visit that are in excess of 14,000 feet.

This is where the Breitling Emergency Watch can be the best watch choice 😎

Great place for some hiking and checking out the Volcano Park.

The llamas are also quite popular due to the very cool weather and lack of fleece by some.

It was quite foggy, but you can see how large of a city Quito is when looking down from the Volcano Park.

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