The Best Stress-Free and Affordable Travel Tips For Dog Owners

This week I wanted to explore hosting a guest author on my popular travel blog 🙂 and gather feedback on the value and interest on such topics.

Kicking off the start of this experiment is with Nick Burton.  Nick Burton is the co-creator of Our Best Doggo. Together with his wife, they are proud parents of three rescue dogs. After the passing of their 15-year-old lab/terrier mix dog, Willie, they decided to create this website to share all types of dog information and help people that are mourning the loss of a dog.

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The Best Stress-Free and Affordable Travel Tips For Dog Owners

As a dog owner, you’d probably like to show your furry friend the world. As a matter of fact, having your dog with you might even make your trip more enjoyable for you. If you’re going to do this on a budget, though, there are a number of things you’ll need to put into place in order to avoid common travel mishaps.


Get the Right Supplies

While your dog might have a lot of fun when they finally get to your destination, it takes the right supplies to get them there without a fuss. Whether you’re traveling by car or plane, you’ll definitely want to keep your companion occupied. According to Trips With Pets, chew toys are a great way to make sure your dog doesn’t get antsy during the trip. If you have more than one dog, then ropes may be a better way to go. When it comes to carriers, you can pull out an old favorite if you’re taking a road trip, but unless it’s airline-approved, you’ll need to go shopping for hassle-free air travel. Don’t forget about keeping your dog well fed and hydrated. Since you can’t lug a big bag of dog food around, it’s recommended that you pre-measure exactly what you need. When you’re shopping for all your pet toys and supplies, you can save some money by snagging deals online, such as coupons and discount codes.


Have Information Handy

If you’re traveling internationally, you’re not the only one who needs papers. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, there are quite a few people that need to be informed of your intended travel. This includes your dog’s veterinarian as well as your contacts at your intended destination. You should make sure to have a copy of your dog’s medical records and vaccinations. It’s also recommended that you have a chip installed in your dog so they can be easily found if they get lost. Bear in mind that even with the required paperwork, some countries may still choose to quarantine your pet. Since you’re on a budget, it’s best to avoid them, but if that’s not possible, then make preparations for their stay.


Be Prepared for the Flight

Unless your trip into another country involves a very long drive, chances are you’ll be traveling by air. In that case, make sure you know what regulations you need to meet. According to Bring Fido, it’s best to become familiar with not only the general rules but what specific airlines require. Make sure you make your arrangements in advance and re-confirm your details at least two days before you travel. There are restrictions on how soon before the flight you can feed your dog, but water is never limited. As you’re researching your affordable options for airlines, look out for those with the best reviews. To reduce stress for your pet, consider saving towards a non-stop flight.


Choose Ideal Destinations

When you’re planning a relaxing, fun-filled vacation with your dog, you need to consider the accommodations as well as possible activities. As you’re doing your research, make sure to check if the hotels you’re interested in declare being pet-friendly among their amenities. If you can’t find the information, don’t be afraid to ask your booking or travel agent to find out—and have them suggest affordable options to you as well. If you’re staying in the country, you can find fun, inexpensive activities in Florida, New Mexico and North Carolina, just to name a few. On the international scene, cities in Europe and Canada may be just what you’re looking for. Since these destinations are known for being dog-friendly, you probably won’t have to spend extra cash to accommodate your furry friend.

It’s no secret that you can have an absolute blast when you’re traveling with your dog, but you have to make sure you plan everything right. Since you have a budget to work with, spend enough time doing your research to avoid costly surprises. It’s also worth your while to look for discounts when you’re looking for all the supplies you’ll need to keep your dog comfortable.


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