Exploring Ephesus Turkey

A retro blog from when we took a Royal Caribbean cruise around Greek and Turkish islands and visited Ephesus Turkey.

Ephesus is an amazing historical place to visit where you can visit and see the Library of Celsus which is believed to be one of the oldest and largest in world ever (for its time).

Now, we visited in May and be ready, it can be really really hot so be prepared with sunshade and lots of water as you explore all the ancient Roman ruins.

Also famous for some people is the very large theater called the Odeon.

One of the cooler stories and places you can relive history is this spot is where the water you used to come up to the port and was where Mark Antony and Cleopatra from Egypt came together and visited this city.



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2 Responses to Exploring Ephesus Turkey

  1. skynrainbow says:

    Lovely post about my home country!!

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