Singapore Bird Sanctuary

Today, we went to check out the local dedicated bird park being a parrot owners ourselves.

Sometimes I started to think the giant Iguana zombies were taking over the place as they were everywhere!

They had a lot of nice aviaries and open areas to interact directly with the birds.

Needless to say, they were very tame and not afraid of human predators.  It is like the penguins in Antarctica.  They will just walk right up to you and check you out with no fear whatsoever.

of course, for lunch we had a quick stop to have the local Singapore chicken and rice.

I must admit, they have one of the best parrot collections we have ever seen in the world.

Then for dinner, what did we have to have in Singapore?

Red chili crab, of course!

We were lucky to get a reservation on a weekend night in Singapore, these places are packed.  They are also a late night crowd…a 6:30 reservation is only for kids!

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