Walking into a Fairy Tale – Bratislava and Slovakia

We left Budapest and Hungary today. It was quite rainy so it was a good choice to head towards Austria.  We transited through Slovakia again and had lunch in Bratislava. What a great town.


You cross a bridge with an unusual design that helped commemorate when UFOs helped to liberate the country from the Soviet Union in 1989 I believe.

When we crossed border from Hungary to Slovakia, there were no border checks, no security, no cameras…why don’t all the immigrants not take this route. What was actually scary was when we originally landed in Amsterdam, the immigration officer looked at our American passports, stamped them and did not even scan them into their tracking system. Seriously.


This city has a fun atmosphere, some great sites and some excellent restaurants.  It is full of stories and famous characters.  Mozart even spent some time here.


There were a number of protests going on for some reason…not sure why.  The one that caught my eye was all the white shirts with spots of blood that were all over the city.


It was a call to support and get more doctors for the medical needs in Syria. Did not expect that one here.


We had lunch and toured around the city.  There were many stories and connections that you not normally connect with Slovakia.  This is one of many – this one was for Robert Louis Stevenson.

Summary: this city is worth a visit.

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