Diving Entertainment in Dominican Republic

OK – lets do some diving!


The Reserve Paradisus Palma Real

Our little getaway is on the Atlantic of the island.  Not too fancy.  No docks for the boats. These pics are going to have a red tint due to the lens of the camera being ready for diving.


Divers from around the world

Needless to say, you need to take some Dramamine…

Boat motion

You get very wet before entering the ocean

The boat motion is pretty significant in the Atlantic side of the island.

We started taking some videos using a GoPro Hero this time.

I see why people love these cameras now. I can see why they are addictive.  I will work more on editing the videos in the future – I am still experimenting 🙂


Mr. Puffy

The underwater currents were equally rough.  This puffy fish even had a hard time.

The strong currents made it quite rough and tricky choosing your path through the coral. This is where dive training, patience and the buddy system are very important to your safety in these conditions.

We made it back safe and starving (after the traditional breakfast meal before diving)  thanks to the great dive master Sol!

The evenings are lit up and full of color to try and match all the daytime flora and fauna.


Yes, I know I need to get a newer smartphone…it is coming.  Not the priority this week 🙂

Back to the story…even in isolated resorts in Punta Cana, there is entertainment.


Last night was the circus acts – a little magic, a little music, a little humor, and some acrobatics.


I do have to admit, the local talent, may not be Cirque du Soleil, but they give it their best and it makes and nice enjoyable evening hour on the island.

Stay tuned to this channel… 🙂

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