Last Day in Seoul

Some great weather today…especially if you can guess what we did this morning?


Run of course!


It was a little foggy, but the cool mist was great to run with all the local runners and bikers along the river.


One of the best set of fitness trails we have seen since Iceland.  Lots of room and distance to meet all needs.


And a nice collection of birds for those that love nature.  Only got one heron in this pic I think.


I did not cross the river, but I was tempted to go across to see the famous crashed UFO where Samsung gets a lot of their innovative technology from.  If you look carefully, you can see it in the distance.


For those that travel here for business, you can go down to the river for some early morning wakeboarding.  It was nice water this morning…almost like glass in some places.


Wrapping it up, we walked down to the Hyundai Mall (yes, they own the shopping malls too).  Had to watch the kids with bike stunts to wet our appetite for some Korean fare.  What a great city and great people.  Hope to come again.  The Park Hyatt was an excellent hotel in a great location.

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