A Small Tour around Phnom Pehn

Phnom Pehn is not a bad city. For a few dollars, you can grab a Tuk Tuk and get to most places. Of course, along the river is a great place to run in the morning.


You need to get out around 5:00 AM to avoid the heat.  Since by 8:00 in the morning, it will be 90 degrees out.


And it gets pretty crowded. Between 5 AM and 8 AM, thousands of people will line the boardwalk and dance, play badminton, a version of “hacky sack” and also the favorite Zumba collections.


Here they were dancing right in front of the presidential palace. (sorry for the bad pic while running)


For a better picture, we went and checked out the Presidential Palace.


It was definitely popular. Unfortunately, you cannot go in or even take any pictures of the inside.


It was kind of cool to know that the royalty was on the premised while we were visiting (you can tell by the blue flag that was flying).


Lots of interesting sites and people to observe in the capital city.


The grounds and buildings are definitely worth checking out if you visit Phnom Pehn. The huge stupas were pretty impressive with all their intricate carvings and detail.


We also made a quick stop at the National Museum. Unfortunately, they don’t really let you take pictures outside of the garden and entrance.


But if you want to see some of the best statues and remains from the various temples around Cambodia, the national museum in Phnom Pehn is the place to tour.

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