Cobh and Blarney Ireland

We had a short stop in Cobh for tea and scones and enjoy the pretty ocean scenery.

We took a short walk to see the famous port area where both the Lusitania and Titanic left about a century, but never returned.

We then ventured off to Blarney for lunch on our way Killarney.  Of course, we had to go visit the Blarney castle and grounds (park). Gorgeous area with many birds and flowers everywhere.

The Blarney castle and (stone) are the main attraction.  It is the first long line we have yet encountered in Ireland.  It took over an hour to climb up the tiny and STEEP spiral staircase up to the top.  Yes, we hung upside down to kiss the stone.  It almost feels like a miracle that you don’t fall to your death…you have to hang upside down VERY far in order to actually reach the stone.  The legend states that if you kiss the stone, you will become more articulate and eloquent as a speaker.  I did it with the hopes to help me with my recovery of my brain aneurysm 2.5 years ago that affected my speech… 🙂


Definitely wish we could have spent more time here to explore more of the old dungeons and caves.  It was the nicest day yet this week in Ireland.



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