Jaipur (Continued)

We started the day early with a morning run in the countryside and then we spent most of the day exploring more of the area around Jaipur like the Amber Fort, City Center, the Royal Palace and some of the local area.  We did not get to visit the army fort, but the walls and emplacements were stunning to see around the entire area. It made me think this is the equivalent of the Great Wall in India.  It is a huge complex.


We started with the Jantar Mantar historical site.  It is essentially an outdoor observatory that was built in the 18th century by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh.


The (park) is filled with sundials which are enormously accurate and critical tools for determine the horoscope and future of newborn children.


Then we walked over to the nearby City Palace which is in the old part of Jaipur.  The city is full of detailed architecture, carvings, gates and a some museums to commemorate the historical (and I think) royal family members in India.


Outside the city , we ran into our first snake charmer.  We could not resist to stop and watch with the dozens of children who were also intrigued.


In the afternoon, we headed over to the famous Amber Fort up on top of the nearby mountains.  This is where we also had a very nice lunch in a restaurant recently opened in the old (castle).  This fort used to be the former capital of the state before it was later moved.  It is really well kept and full of unique Hindu and Muslim architecture.



…and yes, we got lured into a carpet and tapestry shop…we did not spend much time here in this tourist trap.

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