Icebergs Everywhere

Free cocktails and wine on the Le Boreal has been a highlight. The crew is very friendly and helpful and it is a very addictive luxury to be sailing on a small ship with very few passengers.  Overall, the food has been great, unlimited quantities and very good diversity. No complaints or disappointments so far. The fish dishes are definitely dominant across all meals. Half the passengers eat in the buffet and half sit down and have table service. The food is the same regardless of where you sit.

There is always a table open and nobody ever has to wait to eat when they want.  You can even sit in the snow sometimes!

This afternoon we encountered a 2 mile wide iceberg that was anchored to the bottom. It looked like it was its own island. It is fantastic that the captain of the ship will stop and explore different wildlife and sightings. If a new iceberg with nesting penguins is sighted, the ship slowly circles the find and everyone has time to see and take pictures.

The first iceberg was sighted at 57 degrees latitude which was above the Antarctic convergence zone.  Cold salty waters mixing with fresh water from the icebergs creates an interesting flow and movement.  At one point every season, there is so much nutrients in the water, the algae clouds all the waters around Antarctica.  We will have to see how this pays out… tomorrow we head out in the zodiacs for the first time!

I love having my Surface to take notes and blog the adventure for friends and family. Based on a survey of passengers, the Surface appears to be the best device for connecting to the slow and latent Internet connection.  I just cannot post many pictures this far south below 60 degrees latitude in the southern hemisphere!

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