Arrived in Ushuaia on Way to Antarctica

A quick introduction to UshuaiaIt is the most southern city on the planet earth and the closest point to the Antarctica continent.  We took a charter down down here from Santiago Chile that I posted about yesterday in this blog post.

A 40 degree temperature drop compared to Santiago…but a refreshing breeze over the Andes before we board the ship in a few hours. Antarctica here we come!

The town is really a resort, skiing, hiking and Antarctica expedition town.

Very friendly and quiet scenic in December.

We went up into the mountains for the afternoon and you can see why many people love to come hiking here in the winter and come skiing in the summer.

We visited a sled dog farm which is just as popular as Alaska, and…

had some of the best lamb in the world.  The lab is cooked over an open fire and many around the world rave about it.

and before the ship Le Boreal for our cruise, we strolled around the town which was very friendly, artistic and very nice for tourists.  If you forgot some gear for your expedition, you can still get many things in town for a decent price.

Want to follow along? Check out the next post when arrived at Palmer Station!

Or if you would like to learn more about the Tierra del Fuego area, check out my blog post when we arrived back to Ushuaia from the ship a few weeks later.

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