Running in Tel Aviv

Now that pandemic crisis is reduced and the beach facing infrastructure improvements, Tel Aviv is a great place for running in the early morning or later at night.

Garmin is your friend when travelling

Compared to 5 years ago, the running and biking paths, both North and South along the ocean have improved significantly.

You can get great views along all the hotels

Or check out the more historic marina and buildings in Jaffo.

There are multiple public outdoor workout stations along the way

And stores that you may want to check out later when they open.

I think the weather and crowds are the best in the mornings when the sun is rising, but it is never as scenic compared to when the sun is setting into the ocean at night

Summary: when travelling for business on a different time zone, the work is much more intense with long days of meetings and evenings full of keeping up with the standard time zone workload and emails that come in. Running is the one way you can de-stress, balance your mindset and stay healthy!

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