Return to Vegas!

It has been almost exactly two years since we flew down to Vegas right before the pandemic lockdown and got married. It was quite a story and challenge to say the least, but we wanted to celebrate our anniversary and see what it might be like to return to travel and see how Las Vegas and other travel elements might have changed…or not!

First observation: everything is crowded, the airports are full and the airline lounges are packed! If you want to get into an AMEX Centurion lounge, there is a very long line and in some cases, you might be lucky if you can find a seat in the Delta lounge. The food is really good and plentiful in the Delta lounge though!

What was the first major observation in Las Vegas? It is a very different culture compared to Seattle with mask wearing. You can tell who is not a native to the area compared to those that are from different states in who wears a mask and who does not. I will leave it at that…

We were very pleasantly surprised with a very friendly welcome at the Four Season…

and a (free) room upgrade. A full penthouse suite! You have to love all the benefits and recognition when using the Platinum American Express Fine Hotels and Resorts program!

We also tried out some new restaurants which is always one of the highlights in Las Vegas.

One we tried out was Mott32 and it was one the best Asian restaurants I have tried out in years. Amazing delicacies and service. Hint: if you are visiting on a weekend, make reservations a few weeks in advance as the hot is hot again!

We also tried out the Bugsy and Meyers steakhouse in the Flamingo which was pricey, but quite good! They have some very different styles and flavors that are reflective of its mobster historical theme.

The steakhouse was a very convenient location for a show that we wanted to check out that evening.

What was the major highlight this weekend? Meeting this guy. Recognize him?

Yep, it was Wayne Newton.

He told some great stories of his childhood and how his career progressed from start to finish. Here is one example where he played a steel guitar like he played when he was a kid.

At the end, of course he sang Danke Schoen and told the story behind it, but it was impressive to see how many instruments he still plays with a passion after this many years.

It was a very fun and entertaining show and I chatted with him for a few minutes on his continued support and celebrity sponsorship with the USO of which I am also a huge supporter after my military experience and appreciation for the USO when I served 25+ years ago.


Did I go running, of course I did! I always go running when I travel. For those of us that live at sea level, be prepared that it is much dryer and higher elevation, so your experience will be slightly different…

Check out some of my most memorable locations!

Future Travels

What is next? We are planning an international vacation this summer and that will be exciting. Stay tuned!

I know some people are starting to plan their trips and vacations again. If you are thinking of going international and you may need a visa, I recommend checking out iVisa which is my choice when planning and booking my business and personal travel with my family!

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