Toucan – Will it Change Business Conferences?

It is clear, we are not going to travel soon for business and even Bill Gates commented on CNBC that > 50% of business travel will disappear long term.

I have been watching tracking closely on my blog with a regularly updated posting and even some Vodcasts, but it is hard to predict what the future will be for business travel.

I do like and watch the weekly business travel briefing: which is very informative.  But I cannot see much changing for conferences any time soon.  Even with rapid testing prior to boarding, I think most conferences will be virtual in 2021.

The real concern/downfall/disappointment is the networking and hallway conversations that you have at conferences.  Really hard to replicate or simulate when virtual.  Slack channels and discord don’t really work well…

and then I was introduced to Toucan.  It was so different and so much comfortable having casual conversations that are not limited to one channel like Zoom.

and it is launching publicly for free with no limits on November 24th.  I think this is something that will be the tool for hallway, speaker and meetup conversations when conferences are live and occurring in the background.

Recommend checking it out.




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