Moscow – Russia

Continuing from the few days we spent St Petersburg, we took the overnight train down to Moscow.  We took the Red Arrow train. This is a historic train and a true delight.  Not to be missed.  It is actually quite comfortable.

Now, one of the unusual snacks in Russia is not all the types of vodka…it is the chip flavors!  Just like we learned when we visited Japan has all the flavors of Kit-Kat, Russians love chips that taste like caviar, crab, etc.

Of course, in Moscow, the largest attraction is Red Square.

It is gorgeous and fun to visit, but here were the two surprises:

  1. It is much much smaller than it looks on television with all the famous parades
  2. It is really a shopping center with expensive shops and that is why most locals visit red Square

Now, the other reason the tourists visit is the rare chance to see Lenin’s Tomb.  Some call it a Mausoleum.  The lines to get a long.  Really really long.  It could take hours and you cannot take a camera in or take pictures.

What did I do?  Yep.  Paid a $20 bribe to cut in line.  It worked.

It was so scary seeing him…it was almost like a ghost that was going to sit up and start speaking in seconds.  I wonder what other secrets are hidden in this bunker…

and since I was in the heart of Russia, I had to explore getting a traditional hat.  What do you think?  Too warm for the summer I think…

There are so many historical sites, buildings and Soviet architecture to see in Moscow.  Do you recognize this one?

This is the famous building where Boris Yeltsin was at during his attempted coup that occurred in 1991.  All the memories…Stay tuned, more of Moscow will be shared in my next posting!

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