Vienna – Departing Thoughts

Last night, we had dinner at the Imperial Hotel since John Kerry and company had a dinner event in our hotel taking all the tables.  Learn more about the peace conference in this posting.  So we needed an alternate choice nearby.


The Imperial Hotel became quickly available since the Syrian peace talks delegation bailed because a member of the opposition party just recently purchased the Imperial Hotel…so they did not want to be associated with the opposition side in any way.


The Syrian delegation all stayed at a different hotel down the street.  They did want to hang with us since we were not dressed up enough.


We also went to a private Mozart and Strauss recital at Palais Auersperg.


Great way to end the evening with a little music with some up and coming local artists.


So the local police let us check out from the hotel this morning.  Surprise! The police made the Souvenir seller stop selling fake guns next to the peace delegation.  Check out my posting yesterday to see it in the shop.


We headed north across the border to the Czech Republic. Waves and waves of the yellow rape seed crops…the phone does not do the picture justice.  It is BRIGHT yellow!


As soon as you get across the border into the Czech Republic, it is party time!


Austrians can cross the border for casinos, outlet malls, kids parks…


And lots and lots of nightclubs.  Reminder signs are posted every 100 meters along the highway.

We kept driving…until the police stopped the bus.  Suspected of smuggling immigrants across the border.  Quick check, we were allowed to stay in the country and continue our journey to Prague in this posting.

Whew – lucky us.  The blog can now continue for those waiting for Prague highlights.

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