A Little Diving, Music and Exploring…

St. Lucia has some amazing diving. Kind of hard to take your smartphone on a boat to capture the scenery without destroying the phone from the saltwater.


There are numerous sites and undersea wildlife to see here as a diver.


It is hard to choose which sites to visit as we are only here for a few days…


And after recovering from the dives, when enjoying some local BBQ, it is pretty impressive on what modern songs can be played on steel drums. I don’t think they have figured out Macklemore yet as a popular Caribbean sound…


Later in the evening, we were invited up to enjoy a cocktail in the Presidential Suite (but not a president of a country though)


It has some great ocean views…


and a very cool outside private shower on the roof of the complex.  But is it worth $900 a night for the extra space and exclusivity?  Nah, the pool side lagoon rooms use the same beds, linens, furniture and stocked in-room bar for 1/3 the price 🙂

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