Windows Phone 8 while Travelling

When travelling around the world, the Windows Phone 8 has been a true friend. For a small international data roaming fee, it works almost everywhere to look up flight status, research where to go eat or find the directions to walk someplace.  Within seconds, you always have a camera to capture a sight or find out if you are headed to the right subway station.

When you don’t wireless or Internet solution in your hotel, you have a simple one with WP8 as you can snap a picture, post on Facebook or write a simple blog with one of the many WP8 apps available.  Why pay $20 for an Internet daily connection when you can do it simply and easily from your phone in 5 minutes over 3G?

The best feature in the Nokia Lumia 920 is the city maps. You can download large city maps in advance, and you don’t need a data connection of determine your location or the directions on which to find your destination.  We used it in every city to find a different running path.

It is a gem and saved our time and hassle in many ways. It is great when walking around with others and they rely on you with your Windows Phone to show them the way since they don’t have a seamless solution like the Nokia maps. It is also great when you can use it to help your local tour guide to find the right directions to your destination.  I just keep telling them…Windows Phone 8 is what every guide needs…


Headed north back to the USA for a few days to escape the summer sun of South America 😉

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