Hawaii Botanical Gardens

Tons of great places to eat here in Waikiki and they all do not have to be famous name brands.

Last night, we had a great dinner at Zigu and enjoyed a relaxing evening in the hot tub, so we decided to spoil ourselves with a peaceful tour of some botanical gardens in the Honolulu area.

Today, we will share some of the amazing specimens that we saw in the Foster Botanical Garden.

It is only $5 and makes for a very peaceful and educational morning.

The only thing that interrupts the serenity is the very arrogant roosters that like to roam around. I have noticed that roosters are quite common around Waikiki and certainly are alarm clocks before the sun rises!

What is mind blowing in this park is the size of some of these trees. They make the redwoods of CA and cedars of WA state look tiny in some comparisons.

Some of these trees were planted 100 years ago by some of the founding supporters and garden inspirers.

Check out this “dual coconut” palm. It is like conjoined twin coconuts and they weigh almost 50 lbs when they fall from the tree!

and if course, I had to take a picture of the giant Lilly plant/flower, since Lillian was with me 🙂

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