Vaccination for Travel: Part 1

The reality is travel is dependent on vaccinations, both personally and for the world. If we are not vaccinated, we are not likely to be allowed to travel to some locations, internationally or attend certain attractions.

Example – countries are starting to fight for vacationers who are vaccinated:

I have been anxious to get vaccinated as soon as I qualified and it turns out I met multiple criteria in the state of Washington. The earliest and most open is the fact that I am a US Navy veteran and enrolled in the VA health system due to my service. In WA state, one of the best tools that someone has created is the WA Vaccine Finder portal. It makes it much easier to find places that are available and you can schedule an appointment (when you qualify).

So what was my experience?

I was offered the first dose of Moderna. It fast and easy and not immediate reactions. A few hours later, my arm was definitely very sore. and 4-6 hours later, I do have to admit I started to feel a little fatigued and the joints feeling a little achy. No fever, no nausea. It might have just been a long work day combined with the vaccine.

I had a good nights sleep and Saturday’s are my long running day. That raised a question: should I still work out? Should I still go for a long run?

I sought out some advice and recommendations thanks to the Internet! 🙂

I found this article to be a good guide for myself. It all depends on how you feel. It is like when you have a cold or the flu. How do you feel? I felt a little achy and sore…and my injection arm HURT to the touch, but I wanted to go for a run.

I sought some additional information and it appears there are no risks or negative side effects for athletes continuing their routines after vaccination.

So I gave it a shot! the results? I did not feel up to running quite as long or as fast as normal, but I must admit that the run really helped to reduce the achy and painful joints and I felt much better after the run. It was a good choice and I would recommend to others to not fear any major side effects after their initial vaccination.

Update:  after 1 day and the run, I really felt no side effects outside of a sore arm and redness near the injection site.  This seemed to last about 3-4 days.

Stay tuned, I will report back after the second vaccination in about 4 weeks. One step closer to planning travel!

Second shot side effects now posted here!

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