Tabletop Mountain – Cape Town

This morning we to the top of Tabletop Mountain which is one the modern wonders of the world.  Because we did not want to spend the full day hiking up 1500 meters, we took up the Swiss made cable car which was quite a delight.

It rotates as you ascend and descend which I captured in this video.  That is why it is hard to capture the entire experience as the window moves past you.

The views are simply amazing and breathtaking.

It was a cold sub-40 degrees out and quite breezy, but you cannot resist walking around and taking it on all the views of the surrounding areas.

Check out the video of how fast the clouds move across the mountain and sometimes surround it in minutes.  It is nice to actually be in a place where you are not restricted by fences, paths, etc.  You have complete freedom.

There are also a native animal that lives on top of the mountain called “dassies“.  They are quite friendly and aggressive in getting junk food…and are all overweight because of the tourists!  They are a unique species to South Africa.

We then took a walk around Kirstenbosch Gardens which is famous for being on the other side of the Tabletop Mountain and has 8,000+ different species of plants, flowers and trees.  Very popular for tourists and locals to picnic and take a relaxing afternoon.  It is not lush, but very unique and reflective of the southern Africa climate.

This was a delicious natural spring that was built in the last century by a British Colonel when they still controlled the country.  It is shaped like a bird since it was built by Colonel Byrd.

We then ended the afternoon with a late African style lunch at Moyo’s which had some great food, but the staff struggled a bit with all our different beverage asks…

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