Singapore Zoo

Since we had a half day layover in the port of Singapore, we decided to check out the secret NSA Echelon site that is in the northern part of Singapore.

But since it was heavily guarded with no access, we decided to tour the nearby Singapore zoo instead.

It was a unique zoo with numerous species that are rare not only to Singapore, but also other zoos. Everything is open and most animals are free to roam.

I was tempted, but decided to not feed the crocodiles. HUGE!

Monkeys and orangutans were everywhere and very friendly. They are all free to roam the park. They like to hang out and dance with you when it is feeding hour…

I think this is the first time I have ever seen a Komodo Dragon in real life. Cool!

Since it was an open zoological park, his little brother wanted to hang out with me and hear the latest Cybersecurity news since they do not have free Internet in the park.

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