Enjoying a little history

Today was a little different…we walked to the Hudson river to check out the Intrepid carrier.


It was fun to offer a little tour of a naval ship (type) that I had served upon 20 years ago…although this was quite a bit older that CV-67.


Amazing how quickly getting around a carrier came back to me…I don’t miss the food though!


It was cool to see some familiar planes, but very weird to see them painting in non-combat demo colors that you would never see on active duty.  Real planes are only grey…and a true F-14 always has drip pans beneath it due to all the leaks…


The museum was well done with lots of space exhibits and fun activities for families (like the Enterprise space shuttle).


The cool thing for me is the Growler submarine which carried the legacy Regulus cruise missiles.  These were like the cold war variant of the V2 rockets based on the German technology captured after WWII and were carried on submarines until the Polaris missiles were deployed which could be launched from under the water.


Now for dinner, we went to the Rainbow Room on the top of the Rockefeller building (NBC).


On Monday nights only, they have big band orchestra, music, singers and dancing.


Amazing food, amazing views, amazing service, amazing music, amazing energy and tons of fun.  Highly recommended.

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