Excommunicated from Spain

Today was our last day in Spain – tomorrow, we fly out.  We drove north from Granada to get back to Madrid through the countryside full of olive trees and grape (wine) vines.


We stopped for lunch and some wine tasting in Puerto Lapice. The wine barrels/fermentation tanks are a little different in Spain.


It was our last chance to have some local garlic soup. I hope these tanks I found was not used to make wine we had with lunch…


There was also a small museum if some very old copies of the Don Quixote books which is a very popular history topic in this area for tourists (see below, hint: windmills).


We also took a break and drove up the mountain to see the old castle and historic Spanish windmills near Consuegra that are all slowly being restored.


It is a nice spot to visit and hike around a little to work off the wine tasting 🙂


Driving into Madrid, here is their fancy bull fighting stadium…and no, we did not go to a bull fighting exhibition.  Long controversial discussion…

Map of Spain Portugal and Morocco

OK – end of this trip, we have travelled 5,000+ kilometers and learned a lot.  Headed back to home after being kicked out of Spain!

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