Get Your Vanilla in Huahine!

Yesterday, before boarding our yacht before final departure, we bought some local flowers to decorate the room for 2 weeks.


Amazing flowers here in French Polynesia.  Only $15 in local currency for this collection.


Today, we stopped by the island of Huahine.  Definitely a VERY warm and sunny island.  Only 7,000 people and it has some gorgeous views.  We caught a local taxi to drive us around and see only what we wanted to see.  You can rent a car, but it is $200 for 4 hours…


It almost felt like this is a place where famous photographers take pictures and sell them in galleries.


This island is the dominant and primary source of vanilla.  It was quite interesting to learn and see firsthand how it is grown and takes in things like local coffee 🙂

and of course everyone on the island has their “baguette” boxes as fresh French bread is delivered twice daily!


Also amazing was the giant blue eyed eels that live in the rivers.  I jumped down to take some close up pictures and then my hands got stained by the Bauxite in ground.


Working on getting a connection so I can post this entry with the 56K modem that is built in the original SurfaceRT!


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1 Response to Get Your Vanilla in Huahine!

  1. Gretchen says:

    I really enjoyed your pictures….until the one of the eels. I can’t believe you remember how to use a dial up modem. Enjoy your trip!

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