The Cultural Santiago

We relaxed and toured around Santiago a little more today…visiting the artistic areas in town where famous poets, actors, artists, etc. have and continue to live:

IMG_1885   IMG_1883

We also visited the Presidential Palace:


…along with a nice climb up into the National Forest park above Santiago:

IMG_1894  IMG_1896  IMG_1893

The views and pics were not as good today…mist and haze covered the city when looking across the mountains. Some say it is caused from the copper mines…that sounds scary…

Later, we ventured south for some wine tasting and lunch at one of the older large wineries in Chile: De Martino. We had a fantastic private lunch conjured by a top chef from the area and toured around the vineyard:

WP_20121231_001.jpg  WP_20121231_002.jpg


They also showed us their new creation of fermenting and bottling wine made in clay pots with no preservatives — very similar to the ancient techniques used thousands of years ago. The wine is actually chilled and is quite interesting…it just will not last more than 1 year in the bottle.  A new trend to drink wine faster after being bottled I guess… 🙂


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2 Responses to The Cultural Santiago

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  2. Victor says:

    Not true about the copper mines, those are too far from Santiago. There is only 1 near, but is on the mountain (you’ll need to go thru the mountains thru the Mapocho Valley, check for “Disputada de Las Condes” that is the nearest copper mine near the city)

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