Seattle Polo Party

With the COVID-19 Delta variant starting to create some limitations in travel and event restrictions, many in the Pacific Northwest needed and were looking for a fun event to enjoy this summer.

and I am excited to share the Seattle Polo Party is back and we were invited to attend! The smoke was a little hazy, but it was not too bad and did not interfere with any of the activities or fun.

Despite the warm weather, most the guests and attendees chose to dress up and promote the festive atmosphere. You can see that the best and most popular choice is to attend as a VIP and that is the long registration line here.

But beware, purchasing an individual VIP ticket is not a good choice unless you are going to have a table or cabana to sit at.

There was a number of local luxury sponsors like Seattle Rolls Royce, Alvin Goldfarb and Oris watches. It was fun to wear a nice watch and check out some of the line in the Oris airstream trailer. The Oris cotton candy watches were definitely popular with this crowd! I might have even been tempted to pick up a new model for my collection as well 😉

I admit I have never been in this area of WA state before, and it was a nice drive down and opportunity to observe and learn how Polo is actually played.

Needless to say, it is not easy and it was impressive on how the players and horses could be so agile and precise in hitting a small ball down the field.

Summary: it felt like a yuppie picnic, but it was fun to dress up on a hot summer day, interact and socialize with the greater community. You can even spot some local celebrities walking around. I was lucky to get a picture of this local celebrity — it seems she is no longer driving a Ferrari when I last saw her in Shanghai, and now has started driving a Bentley sedan!

We will definitely go again. It was a great escape from the challenging times, weather and continued uncertainty of the year ahead.

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