An Evening in Prague

Prague is definitely a hot spot with tourists.


Lots of walking across cobblestone streets, lots of old architecture, almost so many different examples, it is hard to see them all and take pictures of them all.  This is one of the “cubist” examples.


Also, lots of music, lots of restaurants…and lots of tourists.  Almost as many as NYC.  The year 1300 midevil tower is one of the hot spots.

Thousands of people fill the square every hour to see the animation and motion in the weighted ancient clock.


Another hot spot is Charles Bridge which is the oldest bridge from the 1850 time-frame that is now closed to tourists, I am pedestrians only.  We will walk across it tomorrow.


This evening we went to a local market, purchased some cheeses, crackers, local meats and a good looking american wine to have a snack before heading out for a local concert.  The Mark Luxury Hotel in Prague is full of multi-rooms suites that are only 2 blocks away from the main squares.


We then walked to ancient Spanish Synagogue to enjoy a string only rendition of Ravel’s Bolero and some other recitals to get a taste of the local music talent.  Excellent choice, amazing inside design and amazing acoustics.

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