The Internet in the South Pacific is Brutal

I must admit we get spoiled in North America.  It feels like 15 years ago here in the Polynesian Islands… the time when we used to dial up for the Internet and the modem kept dropping off every 5 minutes and you have to re-connect again. Very cumbersome using Skype to make an overseas call when the satellite based Internet is very flaky and inconsistent…


Did a nice run along the mountainside here in Papeete.  I was not the only one…despite the heat and humidity, running seems to be very popular here on the island, both for locals and tourists.  Needs lots of H2O to go more than 10K…

Food and drink is definitely VERY expensive here in Tahiti…and not because we are hanging out in a tourist area.


The way to survive and enjoy some time off is to shop and dine with the locals.


Very friendly and easy to mingle…just work on your French or you will not enjoy going native!


Tonight, we are splurging and having dinner at the upscale French restaurant at the hotel.


Something we learned today: how many people know that their hotel door locks are powered by 6 AA batteries?  They eventually die out unexpectedly, and if you don’t check your door every time, it will just open when you push on the handle.  Yes, I am in SECURITY again!

…and 12 hours later at 6 AM when we want to go out for a run…the door lock is broken again 😦

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