Learning on Sabbatical

Not goal #1, but a personal goal overall :-)

A number of enrichment lectures were held throughout the Antarctic cruise from the expeditionary staff and also some of the guests. We were fortunate to get to know and become friends with Paul Anastas who was a professor at Yale and a science advisor to both President Clinton and Bush (http://www.chem.yale.edu/faculty/anastas.html). He had an interesting talk on how to “Design for Tomorrow” to ensure a sustainable future.  The future is scary unless we look at the big picture outside of organizational, political and virtual boundaries.  There are many examples in nature that prove we can use different chemical and industrial techniques to avoid creating toxic waste to produce products.

In addition, which I may have forgotten to share earlier, Jim McClintock joined us on the shore landings and also educated us on his work on the warming trend in the Antarctic. (http://www.wolfmanproductions.com/james_mcclintock.html). He shared and signed copies of his book with the entire passenger list which was provided an insightful and educational perspective on the risks of the marine environment with a warming Antarctic Peninsula. 

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